Ideal GOSH Carpet tiles
Carpet tiles
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GOSH Carpet Tiles
Style Product Size Colour
Carpet Tile GOSH 1m x 1m Black
Carpet Tile GOSH 1m x 1m Blue Mix
Carpet Tile GOSH 1m x 1m Charcoal
Carpet Tile GOSH 1m x 1m Grey Mix
Carpet Tile GOSH 1m x 1m Red Mix
  • Roll-on roll-off with your Car or Moto Bike
  • Suitable under castor chairs
  • Antistatic, PC computer friendly
  • Suitable for heavy foot traffic
  • Stain and soiling resistant, easy clean
  • Wont fray when cut or shaped
  • Non-marking backing suitable over timber floors
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Meets BCA fire rating requirements for most buildings / usage
Garages, Offices, Shops and Home (GOSH)
Can also used at Events, Sports floor protection, Showrooms.
They are very versatile and multi functional
Width: 1m
Weight: 3.4kg / m2 tile
5 year warranty